Mobile Ranger is a startup company based in Santa Cruz, California. We provide inspiring stories and fun information about the natural and human history of places and their people.



Our mission is to create deep connections between people and the places where they live or visit.



When people know the human stories and natural wonders integral to every landscape, they develop a personal connection to it. They then care more deeply about a place and have a greater desire to be good stewards of their local places and the planet.

Mobile Ranger Founders

Julia Gaudinski

I love field trips, have a PhD in earth science and have a passion for understanding the landscape around me. I always want answers to questions like: Why is that hillside shaped like a huge staircase? Why did they build that bridge over the widest stretch of river? And I always want the expert answer. I want high quality information – not fluff stuff – told in a fun and engaging way.

I created Mobile Ranger to tell stories about local places everywhere; stories that bring out the unique, interesting and inspiring in every place. I make sure the information comes from experts, is well written and focuses on the most exciting nuggets. My goal is that once you read something from Mobile Ranger, you’ll say “Wow, that’s amazing! I didn’t know that. I love this place.”

To see my academic CV and publications go HERE.

Jim Whitehead

I am a full professor of Computational Media at University of California Santa Cruz. I love to code and I don’t get a chance to do it as much as I want.

When my wife Julia had the idea for creating some sort of “mobile park ranger,” I thought it would be a fun coding project. Making apps would also make me a more hip professor. I signed on.

To see my academic website go HERE.

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