"Through Mobile Ranger, we’re able to share information about the San Lorenzo River and engage the community in our organization’s work. The self-guided mobile tour and the blog posts significantly boost our exposure and ability to educate people about the river and its value to our community. Working with the team at Mobile Ranger is helping us reach new audiences and start new conversations. We plan to work with them again on another tour.

Greg Pepping

Executive Director, Coastal Watershed Council


Lower San Lorenzo River Tour
This is a three-mile walking tour along the San Lorenzo River. This AppTour was created by the Coastal Watershed Council (CWC) to help people appreciate and enjoy the river. It is one component of the CWC’s vision to have the San Lorenzo River become a healthy watershed connected to a vibrant community.


Ebb & Flow: River Art Walk Tour
This is a one-mile flat walking tour along the lower San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz. It features 11 art exhibits that were part of the “Ebb & Flow” River Art Walk event on June 6, 2015. This AppTour was created with the Arts Council Santa Cruz County as part of their Ebb & Flow River Arts Project.


Santa Cruz Wharf EcoTour
The EcoTour takes you to five stops on the wharf as well as five spots off the wharf. This tour was created in collaboration with the City of Santa Cruz, the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, and the University of California Santa Cruz as part of the Green Wharf Project.


Seymour Center Cliff Walk Tour
We are working with the Seymour Marine Discovery Center to create a self-guided mobile tour of many spots along the bluffs around their museum. The goal is to augment and expand explanations of natural and human history outside of their building so that people can explore without a docent, beyond what they can do with posted signs.


Pilkington Creek Tour
This is a tour of the watershed around the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History: Pilkington Creek. The goal is to increase the opportunities to teach local and natural human history beyond the walls of the museum and without using physical signs.


South Skyline Tour (Highway 35)
We worked with Janet Schwind of the Skyline Historical Society to create a mobile tour of the South Skyline region, which includes parts of three California counties: San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara. The goal is to teach people about the history of the region and promote The South Skyline Story, by Janet Schwind and the Skyline Historical Society, their book that was published in 2014.


Downtown Santa Cruz Historic Buildings and Art Tour
This is a brief walking tour of a scattering of historic buildings, sculptures,  and murals in downtown Santa Cruz. It is an adaptation of a previous walking tour by the Santa Cruz Historic Preservation Commission. The mobile version of this tour was made possible with their support and the work of Don Lauritson.


Downtown Salinas Architecture Tour
This is a walking tour of the many unique architectural buildings in the downtown area of Salinas. It is an adaptation of a previous walking tour made by the Alliance of Monterey Area Preservationists (AMAP), the Architectural Heritage Association of Monterey County (AHA!), and the Historic Preservation Foundation of the Native Sons of the Golden West (NSGW). The mobile version of this tour was made possible with the support of those organizations and the work of Don Lauritson.


UCSC Limekilns Tour
This is a one-mile walking tour of the Cowell Lime Works Historic District at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The tour was created by local historian Frank Perry on behalf of The Friends of the Cowell Lime Works Historic District. The goal is to create a guided tour of the historic district that people can access any time.


Phytoplankton Guide
We worked  with Kudela Laboratory at the University of California, Santa Cruz to make a guide to phtyoplanton in the ocean. The idea was to both explain the importance of phytoplankton to the general public and to provide a detailed identification guide for marine scientists.