Santa Cruz Tree Tour

Santa Cruz City Hall gardens. Photo: Julia Gaudinski/Mobile Ranger
Santa Cruz City Hall gardens and the accidental date palm tree. Photo: Julia Gaudinski/Mobile Ranger

This self-guided tour of several trees in Santa Cruz’s urban forest was created in 2016 by UCSC Environmental Studies student Laurel Wee. Trees make urban spaces more inviting, cool, and pleasant, but they are often overlooked and under-appreciated. Trees have stories too, and the goal of this tour is to give some of Santa Cruz’s urban trees their due.

A screen shot of the stops and the interactive map feature in the self-guided mobile tour.
A screen shot of the stops and the interactive map feature in the self-guided mobile tour.

The tour has seven stops that form a loop around the downtown and west side of Santa Cruz. Each includes small historical anecdotes, information about characteristics of the tree, and additional fun facts. The tour starts at Neary Lagoon Park and takes about two hours. We suggest you use the public parking at the top of Neary Lagoon Park at 110 California Street (next to the intersection of California Street and Bay Street). The stops can be toured in any order, but we give walking directions in the order shown in the interactive table.

We thank Randall Morgan and Leslie Keedy for helping us extensively with this project.


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Can’t get to downtown Santa Cruz? No Problem. Read the stories below as we release them: blog-style!

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